3 New Shows, 3 Different Love Stories

After a tiring day all you want is some drama and entertainment and the best source for this are your TV serials.

What makes it even more exciting is when it’s a love story and you get so involved with the romance that you actually feel for the characters.

So we have some good news for all those of you who love romantic stories.

There are 3 new shows coming up and you can get a dose of romance only on ditto TV. Here’s a list of these new stories that you can catch:

  1. Piya Albelaa

Piya Albelaa is a show by Sooraj Barjatiya, so you can definitely expect the perfect love story. This show has taking a modern approach to the mythological love story of Menaka and Vishwamitra.

It’s a story about Naren who is interested only in nature and in helping people, while his parents believe he should snap out of this and manage their family business. In order to divert his beliefs, a simple girl named Pooja walks into his life. But will she be able to do so?

To know the answer you should catch Piya Albelaa, Mon-Fri, 8:30 pm on Zee TV. Watch it here: http://bit.ly/ZeeTV_HD

piya 1

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2. A Love Story

If watching foreign love stories is your thing then you will love the new Turkish show, A Love Story.

It’s based on a poor orphan named, Korkut who faces various difficulties and heart-breaking situations like finding out that his ex-girlfriend is getting married, getting shot at her wedding and also finding out later that his mother who had left him years ago lives a lavish life in Turkey and this fact drives him to take revenge.

Amongst all of this, he meets a girl named Ceylan and he helps her out with her troubles as well. But will she be able to take away the troubles from his life?

For the answer you need to catch this intense love story, Monday to Saturday, 8 pm, on Zindagi. You can watch the show here: http://bit.ly/dittoTV_ZeeZindagi

a love story

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3. Agnifera

 An interesting love story which comes with a twist and an important social message. It features Ankit Gera who plays a London return, who will most likely get married, but to who?

There’s one girl who plays the role of a strong-headed lawyer and on the other hand there’s a girl with a dabanggi style, who knows how to use a gun!

So what’s going to happen with this triangle? You will have to catch Agnifera, starting 20th March, Mon-Fri, 8 pm, on &TV. Catch it here: http://bit.ly/DittoTV_ANDTV_HD


Image Courtesy: http://movierecipe.infoversant.com

Looks like with these new shows your quota for entertainment is sorted.

So make sure you make a note of these dates and tune-in to ditto TV: http://www.dittotv.com/