5 Acts from‘India’s Got Talent’ You Need to Watch If You Haven’t Already

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There are some shows that introduce us to the hidden musical talent in our country and some that bring to spotlight amazing dancers. But there’s one show that showcases India’s talents as a whole without focusing on any particular category. That show, as we all know, is India’s Got Talent!

While we’ve all seen some dare-devil acts performed on this amazing platform, we bring for you the top 5 acts that will steal your breath and race your heart. Read on!

1) SubreetKaur-

Dancing with two feet is a feat not many can accomplish but this pretty amputee from Punjab has proved that where there’s a will, there’s a way.



Image Source: scoopwhoop.com

2) VivekPatil-

Narrating a gripping story is hard enough and when a story is told using UV lights, it leaves the nation wanting more!


Image source: http://viveklightart.com/

3) Bad Salsa Group-

Brilliant salsa moves combined with unwavering trust on each other is what sets these young ones apart as they dance their way through to the judge’sas well as the audience’s hearts.


Image source: www.indiantvinfo.com


4) Nitish Kumar-

Taking sand art to a whole new level, artist Nitish Kumar made one and all hold their breath as he narrated several stories including cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s fight with cancer and survival.


Image Source: i.ytimg.com


5) Funny Boys-

Combining hip-hop dance moves along with an amazing sense of humor is not easy but Funny Boys managed to do it more with their facial expressions than with their hands and feet.


Image Source: http://static01.colorstv.com/

Which of these acts is your favorite? Do you have another act in mind which you love? Tell us in the comments below.

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