5 Most horrific moments of 2016!

In fifty years’ time 2016 will be recorded in textbooks as the year where so much went wrong. And on this Friday the 13th, as January winds down, retrospectives begin to roll out. So on this occasion we thought we would make our own list of the top 5 horrific moments of 2016.

  1. When the wrong movies turned to reality

Some of the scariest movies that kept people awake at night were those that involved scary clowns. Funnily so this actually turned into reality. Killer clowns erupted all over UK and spread havoc and fear across the world!

Image Courtesy- https://i.ytimg.com/vi/hHjGtBnSv50/maxresdefault.jpg

2.Famous faces gone too soon

From actors and comedians to musicians, we lost some wonderful people in 2016. To name a few of these people whose death is deeply mourned are Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Prince and David Bowie

Image result for Carrie Fisher rest in peace

  Image Courtesy -http://s23.postimg.org/5y0obdhvf/15730980_1117695971674978_723250416_n.jpg

3. Harambe

The unexpected and untimely death of the 17 year old beloved gorilla Harambe, who was shot dead by a member of staff at Cincinnati Zoo left us shocked. The event lead to anger, controversy and confusion amongst the public.

Image Courtesy – http://static.boredpanda.com/

4. Blood Flow

In September 2016 the most feared doomsday scenario took place. Horrifying “Blood Flood” gushed out of an Antarctic Glacier. While one look can tell that it wasn’t actual blood that flooded out, but that does not change how creepy the sight was.

Image Courtesy – http://az795576.vo.msecnd.net/

5. The reality of Goblins

In Nicaraguan a woman, claimed that she was abducted by a Tribe of “Goblins” and then was apparently rescued by her family much later. She went on record to say that it was a very traumatic experience but she was blessed to have been saved by her family. Weird or just crazy?

Image Courtesy – http://az795576.vo.msecnd.net/bh-uploads/2016/09/Goblin.jpg

 With all this craziness in the past year, we sincerely hope that 2017 will be comparatively better than 2016. Until then stay safe and stay good. Because you never know which nightmare may turn into a reality!

Wishing you a safe Friday the 13th. May the odds forever be in your favour.

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