5 reasons why we can’t stop loving Virat Kohli

‘Virat’ the word in Hindi means ‘mammoth’. The very word is suggestive of the one-man show in Indian cricket now — Virat Kohli!

The captain of the Indian Test cricket team, Virat has come a long-way from being a talented youngster whose aggression talks more than his game to consistently scoring big runs and single-handedly helping team India to some crucial victories along with growing to become a leader everyone wants to look up to.


There are tons of reasons why we love Virat, but for now here are the top 5 reasons we just cannot stop loving him –


  1. Passion & Aggression

    Right from his U-19 days, Virat has always been known for his on-field passion for the beautiful game. Whether he’s playing for the nation or his IPL team, he makes sure that everytime he steps on the field he just “wants to win.”

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  1. Go-getter

    Sometimes his life feels like a dream – rich, young, handsome with a never-ending female fan following. That’s because he has always gone behind everything he loved, designed his own life and is enjoying the view in just 27 years of his life.

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  1. He’s got some serious swag

    Be it on the field or off it, Virat’s swag is unavoidable. He always lets his attitude do the talking and who doesn’t love that?

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  1. Team player

    Haters will call him arrogant, but one thing no one can argue is about him being a team player. From always pushing his team to greater heights, dedicating his centuries to previous team-mates as well as being the perfect leader that every player in the team looks up to.

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  1. Stands up for what is right

    Remember the time the Indian fans were blaming Anushka for India’s World Cup exit or almost every other loss? He gave it off to all his fans who were bad mouthing Anushka Sharma because it was the right thing to do.

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Here’s wishing the best bastman in the world, Virat Kohli a very Happy Birthday!


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