5 things that will Rajni up your day!

The larger than life superstar has turned a year older today. So for all those fans who will not be able to wish him in person, here are 5 things that only Thalaiva can do!

Sunglass Flip

We will forever be grateful to Rajnikanth for showing us the iconic and impossible sunglasses trick. While the fact remains that even as die-hard fans we will never be able to master it regardless of the practice we put in, we will always love him and his style. Maybe that’s why he’s called Thalaiva.

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Image Credits-http://blog.lenskart.com/

Sivaji Coin Trick

That iconic scene in the film Sivaji, where Rajnikanth flips the coin that leaves us awestruck has really become a trend. Although we have watched this coin flip at least a hundred times now, we still have no clue how Thalaiva pulled it off with such precision. But nonetheless it is one of his most entertaining moves.


Image Credits – https://www.youtube.com

Padayappa Shawl Toss

The award for knowing how to use one of the most basic props to your benefit definitely goes to none other than Mr. Rajni. In his popular film, Padayappa, Rajnikanth makes even a regular shawl on his shoulder look so fashionable and fancy as he tosses it in a way none of us can.

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Image Credits – http://jfwonline.com/


The Magician

Superstar Rajnikanth has been entertaining his fans with his incomparable style and inimitable panache for over four decades now. Another one of his thoroughly beloved move is how he turns a gun into a lighter. Sorcery we will never be able to crack.

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Image Credits – http://www.hdnicewallpapers.com/

Snap into it

The finger-snapping step in the song ‘Rakkama Kaiathattu’ became the essential element of the song’s choreography which then transformed into a craze. The steps may be simple but Rajni’s style, stardom and magnetism took it to a completely new level.

Image result for rajinikanth dancing

Image Credits – http://www.kollyinsider.com/


Keeping aside our absolute confusion towards Rajni Sir’s tricks we have to admit, no one puts our lunggis in a bunch like Rajni. So here’s wishing the irreplaceable Thalaiva a happy birthday!

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