Ditto TV Presents – LOL Weekends

The Kapil Sharma Show with Navjot Sidhu


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Who doesn’t like to unwind after a long and tiring week? While some seek adventure, others like to sprawl themselves on their bed and roll with laughter while they watch sheer hilarity unfold before them on The Kapil Sharma Show. From Sunil Grover’s antics to Kapil Sharma’s punch-lines, this all new show is catching every ones attention for all the right reasons.

Do you intend to catch the latest episodes of this awesome production every Saturday and Sunday but life gets in the way? Like we at Ditto TV are used to saying – fret not, dear friend! Now you can catch the episodes LIVE as and when they are aired on Sony Television at 9 pm.



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Is your TV always occupied on weekends because your father is used to seeing the news or your mother is hooked to her favorite serial? Do you hear from your friends about how Abhishek Bachchan pulled Sunil Grover’s leg on the show for trying to woo Aishwariya Rai Bachchan when she’d made a guest appearance a week before? Now you can watch it all LIVE on your mobile, no matter where you are, only on Ditto TV!




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