dittoTV Says #PehleAap With The Launch of beforeTV Feature

dittoTV, India’s first OTT platform created by ZDCL (Zee Digital Convergence Limited) announced its ‘beforeTV’ feature focused on giving consumers freedom in their entertainment consumption experience. This feature truly aligns with brand’s aspiration to provide entertainment content anywhere, any time. Borne out of extensive research on the changing consumption patterns and preferences of viewers, this feature will allow viewers to view their favourite content from the Zee Group channels hours before it showcases on television.

Mr. Debashish Ghosh, CEO – Zee Digital Convergence Ltd., further added, “The fact that more and more people are finding it easy to cut away from appointment viewing and watch their chosen entertainment anytime, anywhere, has only driven consumer expectations higher and upped the ante for OTT platforms the world-over. While, original content will remain one of the key drivers and focus of dittoTV’s global operations, serious innovations such as ‘beforeTV’ will help give our consumers something new and engaging all-the-time, every time.”

This endeavor is in line with the company and group’s continued focus on content and service innovations that consumers find value in. Today, a whole repository of original content creation in various genres like horror, humour, TV series, movies and short films, is underway. These will essentially be short-format content designed for digital audiences. One such product soon to be launched is a music-based documentary titled ‘Chords of Change’ featuring musicians telling their stories of their struggle and registering their protest, in various strife-torn zones across the country, through their music.

The next target is to take dittoTV to newer markets and offer local content in those markets. Currently, it is focusing on markets like the US, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Asia Pacific and some parts of Africa.

Further, a key differentiator is the fact that dittoTV is not just an India-focused OTT platform; it will also carry non-Indian content shortly in the markets where it has been launched. For example in the Middle East, it will carry third-party Arabic content. The idea is to make dittoTV a product that is not just for Indian expats, but can also be consumed by any Diaspora of the population.

With a presence in over 175 countries and a strong content base of over 1000 movies, 4000+ shows and 450+ TV shows, dittoTV has already obtained the largest base for OTT content consumed across the country.