Top 5 Facts about Royal Rumble that you need to know!

Starting as early as 1989, the Royal Rumble is back this year to fire up your lives with some cut throat action!! From not eliminating a single star to having a 100% record, we will list the wild facts about the Rumble you probably didn’t know. So Let’s Rumble already !

#1 Kane’s surprises us all

Kane holds the record for the most number of eliminations. But that’s not all, he also holds the record for entering the most number of Royal Rumble contests. Believe it or not, Kane has been in 18 Royal Rumble matches, the first being in 1996.

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#2 Owen Hart, the original winner of hearts.

Out of the 7 instances of Royal Rumble not happening at a Pay Per View, only 5 of them were televised!

The 2 that were not televised were held at house shows. Owen Hart won the first ever Royal Rumble that wasn’t televised.

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#3 The Rumble heartache

Since 1993 every member of the Royal Rumble has eventually gone ahead to become a WWE Champion – except one man. Lex Luger carries the unfortunate distinction of having won the Rumble and never becoming a WWE Champion.

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#4 Rumble record revisited

Three men have remained unbeaten in Rumble matches – The awesome trio include Big John Studd, Brock Lesnar and the least expected Vince McMahon.

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#5 A-Train’s tragedy

A-Train holds the dubious record for never having eliminated a single person from the Rumble. The 6’7’’ 350-pound A-Train has declared himself retired from in-ring action and hence it seems that he will not be getting a chance to end this embarrassing naught.

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Excitement is in the air and we can’t wait to see what is about to unfold this time.

So, are you ready to go neck deep into the pumping action as world famous wrestlers go head to head to win the prestigious title for WWE’s top championship?

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